Add entertainment value to the game and encourage additional games and repeat visits.

Redemption games are increasingly popular among today's youth and open play bowlers, and are shown to increase key areas of your business including party business and F&B sales, along with open play bowling.

The On-Lane Redemption System by QubicaAMF was designed to integrate with the Bowler Entertainment System and Conqueror Pro Management System, to provide a complete, customizable solution for managing your bowling center redemption activity.
Fully Integrated with the BES & Conqueror Pro.
• On Screen animations for tickets issued increase entertainment value.
• Recap screens showing the total tickets issued allows bowlers to check the tickets, collect and split after each game.
• Can be linked to BES Special Games to further promote redemption in your center (ex: Run the Lucky Train game every half an hour and set the prize for the winner to get 100 tickets if the train lands on their lane).
• Fully integrated with the Conqueror Pro Lanes Status so you can easily understand, in real-time, when something occurs on each ticket dispenser (tickets running out, ticket dispenser empty, etc.), and respond accordingly.
• Dispenser Warning Messages provide better and more effective customer service.
• Shift reports provide the payout information to show redemption profitability.
• Can be 'Enabled'/ 'Disabled' lane by lane.
• No need to physically access the dispenser for configuration.